VueJS Client Project | Natural Expression Calculator Application

The eternal debate rages on… which is the best Javascript framework?! Well the answer is, the one you know best and gets the job done… or it is simply VueJS 🙂

Vue is the view layer of the MVC architecture. It does quite a bit, but not too much. That is why it is so great. Modern Javascript is all you really need to write anything BUT if you have a graphical user interface you are going to keep on having to solve the same problems.

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ES6 Zombie Attack | JavaScript Personal Project

This is a personal project I put together to cement my understanding of some exciting new JavaScript technologies, and to have some fun making my own game.

At this point in time the game is not super advanced. I deliberately did not use any frameworks as I wanted to design it from scratch. I will come back to it when time permits and add proper graphics and levels, but for now it exists as a nice example game code base using modern JS.

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