VanillaJS Client Project | Natural Expression Calculator Application

This is my first version of an application I built for a client using only vanilla
JS. It is shown here with kind permission of the client. I later went on to re-write it using the VueJS framework and the tailwind CSS library.

The project brief was simple, but the actual logic for the app was rather involved.
The Natural Expression number that was traditionally read to someone was looked
up using many pages of convoluted grids on paper. I had to recreate these grids
into multi dimensional arrays and then write functions to look up the information
in a strict order. I used ES6 Array prototype functions like find to do the bulk
of the work. Each grid had a different and weird way of finding the correct information,
so it was an interesting challenge.

The final app lives on a WordPress installation, so I needed to write a basic PHP
plugin to load the JS onto the page using the correct WordPress API syntax. Somehow
this information seemed so well hidden in the depths of the WordPress documents
I nearly died of boredom finding it… but I got it in the end and survived the ordeal.

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