VueJS Client Project | Natural Expression Calculator Application

The eternal debate rages on… which is the best Javascript framework?! Well the answer is, the one you know best and gets the job done… or it is simply VueJS 🙂

Vue is the view layer of the MVC architecture. It does quite a bit, but not too much. That is why it is so great. Modern Javascript is all you really need to write anything BUT if you have a graphical user interface you are going to keep on having to solve the same problems.

You want to bind things on screen to variables and you want to have some kind of {{hello}} type templating system for your JS to interact with the screen. You also would benefit a huge amount by splitting up your HTML into reusable components. This is coming to native HTML in the future, but you want it now… it is that good. Vue gives you all that, and a lot more, with one tiny extra file. I am all for using vanilla JS and avoiding as many dependencies as possible, but Vue is so well designed and so small that it would be kind of crazy not to use it.


You have reached your maximum number of free tries. Please get in contact for your free consultation!




Tell me my 9-Energy Natural Expression!


You have {{ goesLeft }} attempts left


1. Please select gender

2. Please select date of birth


Your Expression is {{result.typeOfExpression}}


You are {{result.duality}}


You are a {{result.complexity}} Expression


Your primary number is {{result.primaryNumber}}


Your second number is {{result.secondNumber}}


Your third number is {{result.thirdNumber}}


Your 9-Energy Natural Expression is:





The Github Project Repo


The HTML Code

The JavaScript Code

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