VueJS Client Project | Natural Expression Calculator Application

The eternal debate rages on… which is the best Javascript framework?! Well the answer is, the one you know best and gets the job done… or it is simply VueJS 🙂

Vue is the view layer of the MVC architecture. It does quite a bit, but not too much. That is why it is so great. Modern Javascript is all you really need to write anything BUT if you have a graphical user interface you are going to keep on having to solve the same problems.

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ES6 Zombie Attack | JavaScript Personal Project

This is a personal project I put together to cement my understanding of some exciting new JavaScript technologies, and to have some fun making my own game.

At this point in time the game is not super advanced. I deliberately did not use any frameworks as I wanted to design it from scratch. I will come back to it when time permits and add proper graphics and levels, but for now it exists as a nice example game code base using modern JS.

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VS Code – The Best Extensions For General Use, JavaScript and Shell

VS Code is not only the best free open source editor on the market, but also has the best Linux support I have found.

Microsoft’s current strategy is to love all things Linux, and they are throwing their full support behind this amazing editor. It even has it’s own dedicated RHEL, Fedora and CentOS repository.

The pace of development on VS Code is amazing, they bring out a new version every month without fail. Just when you think it can’t get any better, they add another feature that you soon won’t be able to live without. It is much more responsive than Atom, even though it uses the same Electron framework. It has build in GIT version control tools, debugging, intelligent code completion, a task runner, and whatever is not built in, someone has made an extension for it.

Code has some awesome extensions, these are the ones I use and recommend:

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Linux Web Development Tools


So you took my advice and decided to try Linux, congratulations! Now you need some software tools to start developing with. All the best web development tools are open source, so they are generally available on Linux.

This guide will refer directly to software for Fedora, but if it is on Fedora it will almost certainly be available for the other Linux distributions too.

In this guide we will discover:

  • The best Linux web browsers.
  • Node package manager with cool packages.
  • LAMP for CMS/PHP development, Git, WP-Cli and much much more!
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Configuring Fedora & Localhost Setup


This is the first part in my series of step by step guides to turn Fedora into the ultimate web development platform.

I am going to assume that you have Fedora installed already, or are comfortable installing it yourself. Once you are up and running, just run the terminal application and follow along to set up your perfect development environment.

In this guide we will discover:

  • How to set the host name, and why it’s important.
  • Which repositories to install and how to do it.
  • How to setup subpixel rendering to improve font appearance.
  • How to setup and configure your LAMP environment for localhost development.
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Linux for Web Development Guide

Many years ago a good friend of mine named his pet rat Linux. I had heard of this mysterious operating system before, but tales of days spent configuring hardware drivers, and cellar dwelling neck beards scared me away. Why bother using it, never mind naming your rat after it!? In this guide we will discover:

  • Exactly what Linux is, and how it differs from Windows and Mac.
  • Why we should use it for web development.
  • Exactly which version of Linux is best for the job.
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